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House Moving Advice from Coppards of Bromley in Kent

Moving house is something most people only do a few times in their whole lives, so we have put together some simple guides to help you through it and the removals process. If you move with us we will provide you with a more detailed guide to packing and preparing for the big day!

Give us a call to speak to our specialist house movers and they will give you advice on everything you need in order to be able to move quickly and easily. From domestic moves to office moves; we provide a range of services and advice on each of them to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Electricity / Gas / Water / Telephone
You will need to let all your service providers know you are moving house, but you will also need to take meter readings and cancel your accounts on the day you actually leave. In addition, you need to make sure you arrange well in advance to have connections ready in your new home, or you could have a very cold first few days!

To ensure that your mail is redirected without delay, ask the Royal Mail to do it for you, a week before your move go into any Post Office and complete a Moving Home redirection application form.

Income Tax
It is best to inform the Inland Revenue yourself, so get the address of your tax office from your employer or from your notice of coding.

Council Tax
Notify the local council at both ends of your move.

Other Contacts who may need to be told…

  • School
  • Work
  • Medical
  • Bank
  • Investments
  • Clubs

Books are heavy
It is usually best to fill each book box only half way with books, and top it up with lighter objects. This makes the job easier for our men and protects the lighter objects by giving them a sturdy base.

Important documents and essentials
If your move is international or long haul, remember to pack some essential items separately like toiletries, things to do and some food. It's often a good idea to have things like any food and a kettle available for the far end of the removal, and remember any important documents like passports!

Keys get mixed up
Avoid mixing your cabinet keys up; attach all your keys to the relevant items!

Animals do not like moving
Moving house is not only stressful for humans it can also be distressing for your pets too, so it is often best to keep them out of the way; in the garden or with a neighbour. Regrettably we cannot carry pets in our vehicles as the stress and possible exhaust fumes may endanger them.

Children do like moving
Children are naturally curious, and can easily get in the way and be injured. The younger ones are best left with a neighbour or friend until it is time to leave.

Just work your way through each step and trust in our expertise to do the rest; there is a lot to be done so start preparing early and avoid any last minute panic!